Signing of Three memorandums of Understanding to develop animal production and employ graduates in Soba West Agricultural Project

Three memorandums of understanding were signed at Soba West Agricultural scheme under the presence of his Excellency Dr. Taj Aldeen Osman Saeed , the Director General of the Ministry of Agriculture , Livestock and Irrigation of Khartoum State , to develop animal production and employ graduates in Soba West Agricultural Scheme . The first one was signed by the Administration of the project and the Administration of the Animal Resources Bank to open a branch of the bank at Soba Project with the purpose of financing the farmers and the producers and financing of the youth and graduates platform in the fields of activities of animal production by special concentration on the project of calves fattening . Engineer Ahmed Ibrahim signed on behalf of the project whereas the General Manager of the bank signed for the bank . The project had also signed an agreement with a national investor to establish a feed factory and an incubator at the project to produce floating pellets of fish feed after the successful trials and the large extension of aquiculture at Soba West project . A third memorandum of understanding was signed to establish 30 greenhouses at the project to produce vegetables out of their seasons . The Manager of the project said that some areas had been reserved to establish a complex for calves fattening , execute a platform for employment of graduates and establishing a livestock market in addition to provision of equipment and inputs of production in the project . He mentioned that this step conforms with the State vision and the plan of the Ministry of Agriculture to utilize the project in the fields of animal wealth activities . He assured the existence of suitable conditions for achieving the proposed projects within a month time . Dr. Taj Aldeen , the Director General of the Ministry , assured the movement towards increasing the animal production in the project because of the availability of wide areas , stable irrigation and variability of products . Dr. Taj Aldeen mentioned that the Ministry had got a strategy and a plan to achieve extension of animal production projects in order to develop dairy products , red meats and fisheries .

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